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The Little Girl from the 1981 LEGO Ad is All Grown Up, and She’s Got Something to Say (via Women You Should Know)

 “In 1981,” explains Giordano, “LEGOs were ‘Universal Building Sets’ and that’s exactly what they were…for boys and girls. Toys are supposed to foster creativity. But nowadays, it seems that a lot more toys already have messages built into them before a child even opens the pink or blue package. In 1981, LEGOs were simple and gender-neutral, and the creativity of the child produced the message. In 2014, it’s the reverse: the toy delivers a message to the child, and this message is weirdly about gender.”

"the toy delivers a message to the child"—oh MAN.

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"…that’s me"

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a headline I wasnt prepared to read

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I will never cease to be amazed by books. Seriously. Just think about it: thousands of people read the same book but in each one’s mind the characters look different and the setting changes and we’re all reading the same thing but it’s so unique to each of us. That is insanely cool.

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Being told you’re appreciated is one of the simplest, yet incredibly uplifting things you can ever hear.