so my residential college has a tradition of throwing a Christmas party at the end of September. I am one of the people in charge of throwing said party, and the organizers all take these “family photos”.

None of my RP partners are replying and I’ve answered all the messages I had in my inbox, so here’s another selfie because I liked how flowing/wavy/whatever my hair is

When I was getting ready this morning, I was like, “Shit, I actually look like a young adult.” If you think that freaks me out, you’re 100% correct.

tomorrow’s test can’t be finished soon enough. this freaking test is going to kill me

It was 65°F today, and in my world, that’s sweater weather

so this is my mask for the party scenes in Romeo & Juliet

(this is after two hours of dancing of sword fighting, thus the awful amounts of sweat)

I’ve been going since 9 am and still have 7 hours left in my day before I’m done. I’m also sore as fuck from my time in the gym last night.

So I got my hair done today and I’m kind of in love with it.

I also think that if for some reason I get tired of pomps, I could actually probably pull off a buzz cut with my current build.

I’m going to go crazy by the time I’m back on campus. My parents were worried about how much I was sitting in my room by myself (because I’m already sick and don’t want to deal with people) so much. Thank the gods for music that helps to block it all out.